The Santa Monica Pier is famously known for its Instagram worthy sign and colorful roller coaster. The outdoor music festival that’s almost as famous at the Pier is back for its 34th year, featuring the best LA has to offer. Each series will include art, food, games, and beer gardens. Unlike other years, the series will be taking place on Wednesday nights. This year, Twilight’s “Local Meets Global” theme not only explores different cultures but dives deep into the rich diversity within those cultures as well. Start gearing up because the series begins September 5th and there’s going to be something for everyone!

Looking for more info? The Santa Monica Pier has everything lined up for you!

Here’s a list of 5 tips that will make for a successful Twilight Concert:

1. Plan Ahead for Dinner

Even though there a many options at the pier, there’s an even better variety of delicious takeout throughout Santa Monica. You can pick up anything from Sweetfin Poke to Joan’s on 3rd, and enjoy it in the sand while you watch the sunset over the water.

2. Don’t Drive

Not only will you want to watch the concert with a glass of wine in hand, but there is nothing like traffic to ruin a Twilight Concert. Luckily there are many alternatives for how to get you to the pier! If you’re looking for a more popular option, feel free to Uber/Lyft or take the Metro. But if you’re feeling adventurous you can utilize the City of Santa Monica’s free bike valet for the duration of the concert. Either way, you’re set for a traffic-free, stress-free night.

3. Get There Early

Most importantly, get there before the 6:30 PM concert starts. The earlier you arrive, the better the seating, and the more time to enjoy your dinner.

4. Bring Chairs/Blankets

It may be LA, but you’re going to want blankets when the ocean breeze hits. Also, make sure to come with beach chairs or towels to reach maximum beach comfort.

5. Invite Friends and Family

Truth be told, tips 1-4 won’t really matter without good company. Spend time with the people you love, sip on some drinks, and make your Twilight Concert a night to remember.