It’s always about us – posting eye-catching photos with the newest filters to share on social. Now, it’s your hairy friend’s time to shine. Pack some water, a leash, doggy shoes, and treats. It’s time to hit the hills.

Here’s a list of the best dog friendly hikes in Los Angeles.

1. Mandeville Canyon Fire Road

It’s time to off-leash your lovely pup! Mandeville Canyon hike trail brings freedom and smiles to every dog. You and your pup can enjoy a great workout with top-notch views. Parking is easy and the trail isn’t overpopulated. 

Location: 2652 Westridge Rd, Los Angeles, CA, US, 90049

Contact: (213) 738-2961

Parking: Neighborhood on Westridge street

Dog on-leash: Not required (But make sure to be in control of your pup at all times)


Dog Hike-Mandeville Canyon

2. Eaton Canyon Park & Nature Center

Eaton Canyon Park features a wide trail and lots of space for dogs to explore. It’s a fun short hike -about 7,000 steps round trip with a beautiful waterfall at the end. The forest is lush and smells incredibly fresh. There are some shallow streams to cross, which you’d think would be challenging for your dog, but they’ll love it! 

1750 N Altadena Dr, Pasadena, CA, US, 91107

Contact: (626) 398-5420

Parking: Easy- in main parking at the trailhead

Dog on-leash: Yes

Eaton Hike Trail

3. Runyon Canyon /Trebek Open Space

Your doggy can interact with nature, wildlife and make lots of friends at Runyon Canyon. It’s one of the most popular places to bring dogs in all of L.A. Off-leash is allowed in certain areas. It can get hot up there during the Summer so be sure to pack a bottle of water for your pup too! 

Location: 2000 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA, US, 90046

Contact: (323) 666-5046

Parking: Limited parking on Fuller and Franklin, more parking on Sierra Bonita (requires quite a walk)

Leash: Required in certain areas


Runyon Hike Trail

4. Wilacre Park/Fryman Park

It’s time for you and your dog to embark on an adventure. There are many different trails and it’s usually not too crowded. Wilacre & Fryman are often mixed up because both trails can lead to another if you travel far enough! There are four different spots for pups to get water, so you don’t have to worry!

Location: 3453 Fryman Rd, Los Angeles, CA, US, 91604

Contact: (323) 644-6661

Parking: $3 dollars cash for parking

Dog on-leash: Yes

Fryman Hike Trail

5. Elysian Park

Your dog will enjoy chasing baby squirrels and lizards at Elysian Park. This gem of a public park contains 570 acres of serene natural spaces. There’s a water station midway so your doggie can refuel, and you can take a break! 

Location: 835 Academy Rd, Los Angeles, CA, US, 90012

Contact: (213) 202-2700

Parking: Free parking all over every end of the park

Dog on-leash: Yes


Elysian Park Trail

6. Solstice Canyon

It’s an awesome place and lots of people bring their dogs so they can get some exercise and water play. Solstice Canyon features ruins, a creek, waterfall and the amazing ocean view. The walk from the trailhead to the waterfall is easy. The ground is even so you don’t have to worry about your pups paws getting beat up from all the rocks and uneven surfaces. You might occasionally run into celebrities since it’s popular among Malibu celebrities!

Location: 3998 Solstice Canyon Road, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Malibu, CA 90265

Parking: Limited to around total 50 parking spot along the path.

Dog on-leash: Yes


Solstice Canyon

What are you waiting for? Time to explore with your dog!