If you have lived in LA long enough, you know how frozen yogurts have become such a cultural phenomenon. With big chains popping up everywhere, it might be difficult to choose one that truly differentiates itself from others. Therefore, here is our take on the best froyo in LA if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Yogurt Stop
8803 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 652-6830

Combining more than 380 reviews, and generating a 4.5/5 rating on Yelp and 4.3/5 on Google, Yogurt Stop is simply the highest rated frozen yogurt in the City of Angels. Just like any other regular froyos, it features delicious flavors and toppings (e.g. nuts, fruits, candy, baked goods, cereals, etc.).

However, where Yogurt Stop truly differentiates itself is in its offering of other related froyo products.

Indeed, the branch also sells pies all made from a mix of graham cracker crust, toppings, and frozen yogurt.

Chocolate Party Madness Pie

Three Fruit Delish Pie

WeHo Party Fun Pie

Also, it sells all different sorts of delicious cookie/donut/waffle sandwiches using frozen yogurt as well.

Sprinkle Cookie Sandwich

Donut Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches

Waffle Frozen Yogurt Sandwich

Are you hungry yet? I know I am… go check Yogurt Stop’s website here for more info and make sure to visit their store in WeHo!