We always see in movies and TV shows how characters manage to escape from psychopath killers. Have you ever thought, what would I do in this situation? Well, Captured LA is bringing the real life game to you!

This is a clue on how to escape captivity

Your goal is to escape using teamwork.

Captured LA is where you and a group of friends are captured in an abandoned building somewhere in Downtown, Los Angeles by an anti-technology psychopath.You will not have the chance to depend on technology to escape. No phones, laptops, Google Maps, or Uber for that matter! You and your friends must escape through series of interesting & challenging clues and puzzles. Your goal is to use what you discover in the room through teamwork to figure out how to escape and lead you to your freedom. It’s suspenseful, thrilling, and high-energy! Make memories with your friends, partner, co-workers and more with the ultimate live room escape experience possible. Many guests come back for repeat experiences, and it’s always compared favorably to other similar escape room venues.

Every escape is a puzzle

In addition to the memories, you will also be supporting a good cause. A portion of every ticket sold goes towards the Share the Love program, a select group of local organization dedicated to serving the community.

Do you think you can you escape? For additional information be sure to check out their website: http://www.captured-la.com/