According to local folklore, at the crest of the Burbank Peak stands the lone survivor of a 2007 wildfire, which has come to be known as the Wisdom Tree.  Located only a short distance from the world famous Hollywood Sign, the Wisdom Tree is becoming a popular hike for locals looking for some of LA’s best outdoor exploration.  Upon completion of the trail, hikers can expect fantastic views from Downtown all the way to the San Fernando Valley, all while in the shade of a magical landmark.


The hike itself is about 2.75 miles long with a relatively steep gradient rising to 724ft.  You can expect an average hike to take about an hour each way, so it’s important to wear footwear durable enough for rougher terrain.  The best time to hike the trail is dependent on the temperature of the day. It is highly advised that on hotter days, hikers stick to mornings and evenings when temperatures are less extreme. Don’t forget water, sunscreen and a hat! At the base of the Wisdom Tree are a few ammo canisters that have been converted into an open journal for all to share their experiences and thoughts.  Be sure to drop off some wisdom of your own along the way.Wisdom-Tree


To get to the trailhead take Lake Hollywood Drive east from Barham Blvd. Follow the road through the hills until you see Wonder View Drive.

There is no parking at the trail head (known as Wonder View Trail on Google Maps) but there is ample parking on Lake Hollywood Drive and you can hike the short distance to the trail.

*For a full step-by-step guide to the Wisdom Tree Hike, check out Casey Schreiner’s write-up on Modern Hiker.