Alfred Coffee, Definitely. Alfred Tea? Absolutely!

Los Angeles has never been known to be stagnant. As a native Angeleno, you know that Melrose Avenue is the area to let out your inner fashionista and die-hard foodie.

One of Melrose’s beloved coffee shops Alfred Coffee + Kitchen has decided to reach new heights and open its first ever tea room. Alfred’s Tea Room is the newest addition to the Alfred family and is exclusively for tea-lovers on-the-go. Located on the corner of North La Cienega Blvd and Melrose Place, Alfred’s maintains its modern and upscale aesthetic. And a major bonus: the new tea room is only steps away from its infamous coffee shop.


Inside of the Alfred Tea Room

The recently opened Tea Room is embellished with cute sayings like “I love you Matcha” and “Can’t we get Oolong” and the entire shop is decorated from top to bottom in pink rose hues with gold accents.


The newly opened Tea Room includes three different menus’. The first  menu is glazed onto pink tiles and includes traditional drinks like Ice Tea, Chai Tea, Hot Tea, Matcha tea, and teas on tap like Kombucha and Cold Brew.


Their second menu is the Fancy Pink Tea List and is found on a small menu board. If you’re a tea connoisseur, then this menu is for you. The list includes black, oolong, herbal, fermented and green tea! The final menu is seasonal teas and is located on a small mirror and consists of the “Drink of the Day”.

Alfred’s Tea Room also serves fridge stump town coffee, juices, yogurts and more. As well as, some Tea Room merchandise like pink greeting cards, gift cards and mugs.


DON’T FORGET:  Alfred’s Tea has a “no cash, card only” policy and if you’ve been itching to use your Apple Pay, now is your chance! The Tea Room is open every day from 9 AM to 6PM and has a lot of  Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

Address: 705 Alfred St. West Hollywood, CA

(P.S… Let us know what you thought about Alfred Tea in the comments below or if it sounds like your cup of tea.)