Shake Shack is finally here! The First LA location opens today, March 15, in West Hollywood


The In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack burger rivalry is heating up. Shake Shack is making its first landing in the heart of West Hollywood on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Knoll. The burger brand also has locations scheduled to open in Glendale and Downtown LA.

When it opens, LA’s first Shake Shack will serve, exclusively to Angelenos, the Roadside Double—a double cheeseburger decked out with Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and onions that have been simmered in bacon and beer—which is specially concocted just for us as it takes cues from L.A.’s long-standing love affair with French dip sandwiches.  We’re definitely all looking forward to the delicious-sounding variation!


Roadside Double (Photo by Holly Liss, courtesy of Shake Shack)

Other items on the menu include hot dogs, frozen custard (called concrete), and even beer and wine.


Oh, and about those Shake Shack Concretes–frozen custard with mix-ins–you definitely don’t want to pass them up. Choices include Da S’mores (vanilla and chocolate custard and Bang Bang s’mores pie), Salted Caramel (vanilla custard, banana and salted caramel old fashioned doughnut) and the Shack Attack (chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough, Vosges black salt-caramel chocolate and chocolate sprinkles)


Photo credit: Holly Higgins/Chicago Tribune

For our vegetarians, check out the ’Shroom Burger which stars a whole portobello mushroom roasted low and slow packed with cheese & goodies.

shake shack shroom burger

So, get ready to wait in line, because the West Coast’s first-ever Shake Shack is likely to draw fans from every corner of the county to settle the debate.