Remember that grandma that went skydiving on her 100th birthday?

While we all wish we could live to that age, it’s better not to wait that long! Take a chance and jump out of a plane two miles in the sky!

Skydive Coastal California will make you as cool as her

At Skydive Coastal California, They’ll make sure you get to the ground in one piece while enjoying the best experience possible.

On the way up, you’ll be able to appreciate the great view of the SoCal shoreline while shaking in your boots. Once you reach a height of two miles, you’ll know it’s go time when the doors open and the wind comes rushing in. Around this time you might have an epiphany on the meaning of life and how foolish it is to throw it out of a plane and have it drop at 120 miles and hour. But don’t worry, you’ll be strapped to an instructor, whose job is to make sure your meaningful little life lands in one piece. Once you’ve left the airborne plane (never a good thing unless you’re in your precise situation,) you’ll have forty seconds for your life to flash across your eyes a few times. By then you’ve reached 5000 feet, and it’s time to give gravity some resistance. You can ask your instructor ahead of time whether you can pull the cord, but regardless, someone will (probably). For the next seven or so minutes, you can enjoy the scenery from high up and steer the parachute, while using the alone time to pepper your instructor with uncomfortable, personal questions which he can’t avoid (being strapped to you). He probably won’t unstrap you and let you fall to your death, since they’re all so professional here at Skydive Coastal California.

As the ground begins to come closer you’ll start to worry again. Have you really slowed down enough that your legs won’t just shatter and break when you land? Before you know it, you’ll be standing on them again, having barely felt the softest of impacts that signify your return to earth. But don’t just stand there. Now it’s your turn to watch as your friends go through the same trial as you did! Make sure you get everyone to give it a go at Skydive Coastal California!