Stranger danger?

Different cities around the world have made locking people in a room a recreational game, and Los Angeles is one of them. This activity is something that guests are willing to pay for, and how it works is: a group of participants, strangers or not, are put into a room and must figure out how to escape through a series of puzzles, riddles, and clues. They call it the Escape Room. The theme of the rooms vary- some are haunted theaters, while others are ancient libraries or offices, but they all have one catch – guests must work together to get out of the escape room within an hour.

Escape rooms have been popping up all over Los Angeles in the last few years, and here’s a couple tips for those interested in trying one out.

  1. Dress comfortably. You never know when you might have to duck under a laser beam or wedge through a narrow space.
  2. Bring friends. It’s always more fun with a group of people you know! If you can’t gather a large group, bring 1 or 2 friends (or a date) and get ready to meet some fellow participants. Some of the rooms require you to put together an entire team first, and others will pair you with strangers who have purchased the same time slot.
  3. Communicate and cooperate. That initial rush when you enter the room is no doubt, exciting and fun, but make sure you share your findings and help each other out on puzzles that you’re unsure about.You might need a word to unlock a box that’s circled in a book someone else is holding…Communicate!
  4. Check everything. Don’t just stand around! Clues can be hidden anywhere, so do whatever you can to find that clue.

Lastly, here’s some of of L.A.’s most popular escape rooms! Make sure to book in advance so you get the date and time slot you want.

Escape Room L.A.

1415060130-escape_room_goldstarOpen: Tuesday thru Sunday
Tickets: $30/person on weekdays, $35/person on weekends
Location: Downtown L.A.

Escape Room L.A. offers four different rooms to choose from – The Detective, The Theatre, The Tavern and The Alchemist. Game capacity varies from 10 to 12 people per room. It’s a perfect location for booking team building exercises or other private group events!

Escape Key Entertainment

escapekeyroomOpen: Sunday through Saturday, closed Tuesday
Tickets: $120-$160/room
Location: Sawtelle

Escape Key Entertainment also offers multiple themed rooms for guests to choose from. Currently, guests can book the Mystery of Senator Payne or Casino rooms, and the Bank and Wizard Workshop are upcoming rooms. A more intimate experience, room capacity here is 2 to 6 people, and a game master will be available to provide hints at request.

Enigma Escape Rooms

enigmaescaperoomsOpen: Daily
Tickets: $30/person
Location: West Hollywood

Enigma Escape Rooms houses three different escape rooms – Apartment 205, The Secret Temple, and The Will. Hints are not offered until 30 minutes into the game and participants must all be in agreement before requesting one. Each room has a unique backstory, so you’re in for treat no matter which one you choose.

Maze Rooms

mazeroomsOpen: Daily
Tickets: $120-$160/room
Location: Multiple LA locations (including Robertson Blvd, S. La Brea Blvd in the Mid-Wilshire area), check website for details.

Maze Rooms is one of the bigger Escape Room franchises in Los Angeles, currently with six rooms to choose from and four more in the works. Rooms have different levels of difficulty and can allot a range of 2 to 6 people. Put your observational skills to the test and see if you can solve the clues!